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How will you apply your ISTA experience to your life?

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 ISTA Integration is for graduates only 

If you have not completed the training and are interested in learning more, please visit the main ISTA website here

If you're asking yourself, “Now what?!” You’re not alone!

Over 10,000+ participants have graduated from the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience across 46 countries worldwide. After tasting profound love, power, and freedom — Graduates ask how to take their ISTA experience into their day-to-day life.

The ISTA Integration is designed to maximize your chances of making your ISTA journey a long-lasting positive force in your reality!

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Integration FREE Online Course

by ISTA Faculty

7 days of short micro-videos from ISTA Lead, Araminta Barbour

  • Key self-care & reflection tips
  • Support on how to talk to loved ones about ISTA
  • Help to anchor in key ISTA tools
  • Links to the wider tribe
  • Additional resources
  • Free APP for easy access to content
Instant Access

Live Monthly Group Calls

with ISTA Faculty

Online interactive support designed for ISTA Level 1 Graduate to:

  • Q-&-A with ISTA faculty
  • Deepen understanding of the ISTA L1 tools
  • Discover how to support your most authentic expression
  • Embodiment practices for regulation and harmony
  • Reinforce community and support!
  • Register inside the Graduate Portal for a small fee
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These resources are designed for every stage of self-discovery after the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience.

They're yours to deepen your learning and step more fully into your power.

Are you ready?

Online Access

  • Keep your pulse on the ISTA magic you felt from your week by staying in touch with ISTA faculty

  • Tap into the wider ISTA community! 

  • Instant access to resources using the free app from the comforts of your home or adventures on the road

Live Support

  • Direct support on your biggest questions from ISTA faculty

  • Action steps you can take immediately

  • Alleviate pain and suffering through a deeper understanding of the ISTA tools   

Global Community

  • Be part of a global transformational movement and co-create a new culture

  • Build connections that will last a lifetime

  • Remember the life force coursing through you

Want support to integrate your ISTA experience?

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Other Recommended FREE Resources


Tune in to raw unscripted conversations with ISTA faculty exploring sacred sexuality, activating life force, empowerment through bodywork, and more. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll finish each episode motivated to live life more authentically!


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"To me, ISTA is a decade of personal development structured masterfully into a week of magic. I am a better father, partner and human to everyone I meet, and this is largely due to ISTA and I am forever grateful."

— Peter, ISTA Level 1 Grad

"Yesterday my son had a fight with his dad and he felt very angry. He told me: 'Mom, I did what you taught me, I used the tools to release anger. And I felt better.'  For me, THIS is the most important thing that ISTA gave me. Ideas and tools on how to improve my children's lives."

— Tina, ISTA Level 1 Grad